Germany to deploy additional troops to Lithuania

December 20,2023 846
Germany to deploy additional troops to Lithuania

Germany will permanently deploy troops to Lithuania, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced, as reported by Bild. A Bundeswehr brigade will be stationed on the eastern flank of NATO, directly on the border with Russia.

The combat-ready brigade, created under Germany’s leadership, will serve as a deterrent against Russia, stated Pistorius, calling this decision ‘historic.’ The German minister and his Lithuanian colleague, Arvydas Anušauskas, signed the deployment schedule on December 18.

“The most significant threat to us is Russia’s aggressive policy,” Anušauskas emphasized. 

The plan solidifies the intentions of the two countries regarding the placement of a German brigade in Lithuania. It outlines the course of action for the full-scale deployment of a tactical military unit, as stated by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

German troops will gradually arrive in Lithuania starting in 2024, with the completion of the brigade’s deployment expected by 2027. A joint working group from the defense ministries of Germany and Lithuania prepared the process timeline.

The main part of the German brigade will consist of five battalions, including tank and artillery units. In total, Berlin plans to station approximately 5,000 soldiers and civilians in Lithuania, along with their families, during an extended rotation.

Meanwhile, Denmark has reached a defense agreement with the United States, allowing American forces to be based on Danish territory, according to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, as reported by Reuters. The agreement is for 10 years.

This means that American soldiers and equipment can be permanently stationed on Danish soil,” explained Frederiksen. The agreement will come into effect after the Danish parliament passes the necessary legislation.

Previously, the United States also signed similar agreements with Finland and Sweden.

Cover: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

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