Global Ukrainian community prepares to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day: Worldwide events

May 9,2024 630
Global Ukrainian community prepares to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day: Worldwide events

On May 16, Vyshyvanka Day, Ukrainian communities worldwide will participate in events celebrating the international holiday and highlighting Ukraine’s ongoing fight against Russian aggression. 

Regardless of whether the event will take place in your city, we invite everyone to wear embroidered shirts and join the virtual wave. Find out more

Ukrainians in Canada will be among the first to celebrate Ukrainian culture and heritage, starting with Toronto’s “Vyshyvanyj Vechir 2024” on May 11. “Since 2011, this annual extravaganza has been bringing the vibrant tradition of Vyshyvanka to Toronto, and this year marks the 11th anniversary of this spectacular event,” the organizers announced. The program will feature performances by Ukrainian musicians and fashion shows by Ukrainian designers.

Toronto will also host the Vyshyvanka Parade on May 16. “We shall march in honor of every Ukrainian in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Bucha, Odesa, Dnipro and Mariupol! We march for the brave souls of Azovstal, for Kherson and Melitopol! Our strides symbolize United Ukraine, for vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians! We walk in solidarity with those defending our freedom, dignity, and the values of the free world! Wearing our vyshyvanka, akin to donning armor on the battlefield, we proudly walk!” the organizers wrote.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the Vyshyvanka Walk is scheduled for May 16 as well. “Wear your embroidered shirt with pride and honour on May 16th (or the whole week!) to let your Canadian colleagues, neighbors, and friends know that Vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians wherever we live and whatever the challenges we face! Please join the Vyshyvanka Walk in Ottawa!” invite the organizers. 

The Ukrainian community in Quebec is set to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day on May 19 at the Ukrainian House. “This is a great opportunity to learn more about the cultural characteristics of Ukrainian Vyshyvankas, as well as the opportunity to wear your own Vyshyvanka,” the organizers encourage.

Ukrainians in the United States will also celebrate. “We know that many Ukrainians are working in San Francisco. Let’s unite with all Ukrainians in the world and show our national identity by wearing vyshyvanka to work on May 16, 2024. Join us at noon that day at the Ferry Building / Clock Tower to celebrate this special day together,” the organizers wrote. 

The Ukrainian community in Eugene, OR, is organizing a festive picnic. “Just like last year, we invite you to celebrate this day at Orchard Point Park on Fern Ridge Lake (27171 Clear Lake Rd, Eugene, OR) on Saturday, May 18. The beginning is at 1:00 pm (1:00 pm). If you don’t have an embroidered shirt or something in yellow and blue, don’t worry, put on a smile and come with a good mood,” the organizers wrote. 

A Vyshyvanka Day March will also take place on May 16 in Finland. The community will gather on the streets of Helsinki. “Support Ukrainian traditions and culture by wearing your best Vyshyvankas! We invite you to come together for a festive march in Helsinki,” the organizers wrote. 

In the Finnish city of Raisio, an event is planned in the Ukrainian Svitlytsia. “Every third Thursday of May, Ukraine celebrates Vyshyvanka Day. We are pleased to invite you to celebrate this day together in the Ukrainian Svitlytsia, 16.05.2024 at 18:00 at Raisiontori 6, 21200 Raisio, Raision Avustuskeskus. Put on your best embroidered shirts and come, and we will treat you to borsch and pampushkas, sing songs and listen to yours. Welcome!” the organizers wrote. 

The Vyshyvanka Day celebration will also be held in Poland. The community of Kraków invites everybody to join the celebration. “Vyshyvanka Day is a holiday celebrated in Ukraine and among the Ukrainian diaspora worldwide. It falls on the third Thursday of May. This day is observed as a symbol of national pride and Ukrainian heritage. On this day, people wear vyshyvankas – traditional Ukrainian shirts with colorful embroidery,” the organizers wrote. 

The Ukrainian community in Norway encourages people to come to the event on May 16 in Bergen in Vyshyvankas. “Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the ancient folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothing. The program includes: a procession in embroidered shirts; Ukrainian board games; a photo shoot; new acquaintances and communication!” the organizers say. 

Vyshyvanka Day in Austria will be celebrated on May 18 with a festive procession and the public opening of an exhibition of authentic Vyshyvankas. 

Ukrainians in Germany will gather in Frankfurt to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day on May 18. “Every year on Vyshyvanka Day, we gather in the Waldspielpark Schwanheim park for a big Oboziv grill. Since this holiday is officially celebrated on the third Thursday of May, we are moving it to Saturday for convenience. You will enjoy a cultural program, songs, merry dances, our stand with souvenirs, and a nearby playground with lots of swings,” the organizers wrote. 

Uppsala, Sweden, will also host a celebration on May 18. “Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the ancient folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian Vyshyvankas,” the organizers wrote. 

Ukrainians in Belgium will hold an entire festival dedicated to Vyshyvanka Day on May 18-19. “Friends, as Ukrainians around the world celebrate Vyshyvanka Day, let’s get together and remember our roots and celebrate our unity and thirst for victory! We are organizing a two-day festival (May 18-19) of Ukrainian culture in the heart of Antwerp – “Roots” – to remind ourselves and Europeans of the unique culture of the Ukrainian nation. Wear your Vyshyvankas and come and bring your friends!” the organizers wrote. 

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