Global Ukrainians unite in rallies, urging support for Ukraine

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January 8,2024 725
Global Ukrainians unite in rallies, urging support for Ukraine

Global Ukrainians organized peaceful rallies after Russia launched numerous large-scale attacks on Ukraine. Rallies were held in dozens of countries worldwide.

The Ukrainian community in Canada held a rally in Toronto on January 6 in one of the city’s central squares. Those present called to stop doing business with Russia, to provide Ukraine with more weapons, and to remember that the war is still ongoing.


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Chicago’s Magnificent Mile was adorned with Ukrainian flags as concerned individuals rallied on the renowned shopping street. Ukrainians urged, “Continue supporting Ukraine.”

Today January 7 2024 the Ukrainian community in Chicago came out to protest Russian attacks on Ukraine again and asking Congress to approve passage of supplemental aid to Ukraine.   Hundreds came out on a cold winter day! The crews from TV news were there to cover the event,said UWC Vice President for North America and Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Vice President Marta Farion. 

In Germany, around 3,000 activists gathered to draw the attention of the country’s government to Russian missile attacks. Participants in Berlin urged the swift provision of necessary weapons to Ukraine for defense, including long-range cruise missiles like the Taurus, drones, and air defense systems. Additionally, activists demanded the restriction of Russian diplomats’ access to international political forums and the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine.


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Several hundred concerned Ukrainians gathered for a rally in the United Kingdom. The streets of Nottingham flooded with calls to increase aid to Kyiv. “As we tuck ourselves into bed at night, let’s not forget the luxury of safety that others can’t enjoy. They live with the constant threat of Russian missiles. The air raid signal is a sound we’re fortunate not to recognize. The war is far from over, and its impact extends beyond Ukraine. Let’s continue reminding everyone that this is a shared struggle, and our support is more critical than ever,” wrote the event participants.

This week, Ukrainian communities in France, Portugal, Hungary, and Australia united to demand increased aid for Kyiv.

In Sydney, the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) led a peaceful rally, urging the Australian government to strengthen sanctions against Russia, increase arms support for Ukrainian defenders, and take decisive action.

In Lisbon, the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal hosted rallies, urging for support for Ukraine through military aid and political intervention while pushing for the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state. Additionally, participants called for a boycott of Russian-organized cultural events in Portugal.

In Paris, the Union of Ukrainians in France called for increased military aid to Ukraine in its grueling fight against the terrorist occupier.

The Ukrainian Cultural Society in Hungary, under the leadership of UWC Second Vice President Jaroszlava Hartyányi, co-hosted a pro-Ukrainian rally in Budapest. Attendees passionately called on the international community to stand against Russian aggression.

The Ukrainian community in Spain rallied, demanding increased military aid to Ukraine. On the streets of Barcelona, activists displayed photos of the consequences of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Ukrainians also held rallies in Greece. On January 7, the event participants held the first march and peaceful rally of the year in the central square of the Constitution in Athens.

The key goal of the event was to draw the attention once again of Greek society, as well as government circles and mass media to the most massive shelling of Ukraine during the last days of the previous year by the terrorist state – Russia,” the Embassy of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic said.

Over the past few days, Russia has fired at least 500 missiles and drones into Ukraine, killing dozens of civilians and destroying schools, maternity hospitals, shopping centers, and homes. Ukraine is in dire need of support in combating the ruthless terrorist aggressor.

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