Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

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May 23,2022 2748
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

On this Day of Heroes, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) extends its sincerest greetings to Ukraine and to all Ukrainian people, as we honor all the brave warriors who have fought for Ukraine’s liberty and independence.

For decades, the Day of Heroes has been marked on May 23 in memory of three renowned freedom fighters who perished in the month of May: Mykola Mikhnovsky (May 3, 1924), Symon Petliura (May 25, 1926) and Yevhen Konovalets (May 23, 1938).

This year, the Day of Heroes commemoration has taken on special meaning for every Ukrainian, as our “heroes” now include everyone currently giving their heart, soul, and life for Ukraine. We are bearing witness to the writing of modern history by the Ukrainian people’s unyielding fight for freedom and sacrifice in fending off the Russian aggressor.

For centuries, our warriors have defended the foundation of our Home, called Ukraine, by fighting for its liberty and independence while it was still under construction. They include the Rus druzhinniki, the Kozaks, the men and women of the UNR Army, UPA partisans, the defenders in the heroic Battle of Kruty, the soldiers of the UNR Army’s desperate Winter Campaign, those who joined the world to defeat Nazism in the Second World War, those whose superhuman efforts defended the Donetsk Airport, the fighters who liberated Bucha and Irpin, and those who held Mariupol to the very last.

On this Day of Heroes, UWC honors the memory of all of Ukraine’s fallen warriors, applauds the victories being won today, and reiterates the appeal made by Mariupol’s heroic defenders: “Don’t devalue our feats and sacrifices.” In memory of our heroes’ many deeds, we, Ukrainians, must take advantage of the historical opportunity they have provided to become a strong, stable and successful state. Glory to Ukraine!

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