Greece becomes the 30th country supporting a special tribunal for Russia

March 7,2023 1020
Greece becomes the 30th country supporting a special tribunal for Russia

Greece has joined the coalition of nations that support setting up a special tribunal to prosecute Russia’s crime of aggression against Ukraine, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said during the national telethon on Monday.

“I am happy to announce that there are already 30 countries. Greece joined this group today,” Kuleba was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraina.

“The task of the group is simple – when you join it, you agree that a separate, special tribunal should be set up to prosecute the Russian Federation for its crime of aggression,” he added.

He elaborated that the group is to work out legal ways to establish a tribunal and resolve related legal issues, primarily the immunities of Russian President Putin and his closest entourage.

“The entire G7 is in this group,” the minister noted.

The coalition held its first meeting on Jan. 26, when it had 21 countries on board. Its second meeting is scheduled for Mar. 21-22 in Strasbourg, France.

The Ukrainian World Congress consistently advocates also for the establishment of an international tribunal for war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. In September 2022, in New York, while participating in the UN General Assembly, UWC President Paul Grod called upon “the United Nations General Assembly and global leaders to take immediate action to create an International War Crimes Tribunal which would prosecute the Russian Federation, its leadership and everyone who is responsible or complicit in war crimes and crimes against the people of Ukraine. In addition, the UNGA must strip Russia of its UN Security Council veto.”

Photo: Protesters hold placards during the demonstration outside the Russian embassy, Jan. 22, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. Attila Husejnow/Sipa via The Intercept

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