Greetings on Ukraine’s Independence Day!

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August 24,2019 539

As we celebrate Ukraine’s 28th anniversary of independence from Soviet/Russian occupation, the people of Ukraine are once again forced to defend their homeland from Russia’s military aggression.  

While defending their country, the Ukrainian people continued to demonstrate their commitment to democracy and the rule of law with their recent presidential and parliamentary elections.  

Ukraine’s economy continues to grow and we have assurances from the new President that he will expedite the pace of reforms.  

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, we bow our heads in gratitude to honour those that have fallen and those that continue to protect Ukraine’s freedom.

The UWC together with its network in over 60 countries, stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in strengthening and entrenching Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. 

On this Independence Day, the UWC also congratulates members of its Board of Directors on receiving recognition from the President of Ukraine for significant contribution to strengthening the international authority of Ukraine, furthering international relations and community development. The Order of Prince Yaroslav Mudryi, 5th rank, was awarded to UWC President 2008-2018 Eugene Czolij and UWC President Paul Grod. The Ivan Mazepa Cross was awarded to President of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations and UWC Vice President Anna Kisil.

Slava Ukraini!  Glory to Ukraine!


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