Guide for Ukrainians: exchanging driver’s licenses abroad

January 26,2024 1264
Guide for Ukrainians: exchanging driver’s licenses abroad

The possibility of exchanging a driver’s license remotely is now available for Ukrainians in 17 countries. Last October, the Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced the option to obtain documents without returning to Ukraine, as previously, renewing Ukrainian driver’s licenses in other countries was impossible.

“Thousands of Ukrainians, forced to seek refuge abroad due to the war, need to renew their driver’s licenses but cannot do so abroad. Therefore, we are launching a new service that many drivers have been eagerly awaiting,” the government stated.

The service is currently available in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Austria. The service is relevant for those who want to exchange their first-time-issued license after two years, lost or damaged it, or changed personal information.

Online document exchange can be done through the Driver’s Online Portal. After authorization, the user needs to indicate the reason for the license exchange, choose international delivery, provide the order delivery address, and pay for the service. The approximate cost of the driver’s license is 311 UAH for the form and administrative service. The ministry explains that logistics costs for postal delivery abroad will amount to 960 UAH.

The application for exchange will be sent to the MIA service center and processed by the administrator. International delivery takes around 15 days. Additionally, individuals can receive consultation regarding the services by calling (044) 290-19-88 or on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the Main Service Center of the MIA.


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