Half of French youth willing to fight in Ukraine to defend France

April 16,2024 352
Half of French youth willing to fight in Ukraine to defend France

According to a survey highlighted by Le Parisien, half of the young people in France are prepared to enlist in the army and fight in Ukraine if required to defend France. This survey was carried out in the summer of 2023, well before President Emmanuel Macron mentioned the potential involvement of Western allies’ troops in Ukraine, note sociologists.

The survey asked French citizens aged 18 to 25: “If defending France required your participation in a war in Ukraine, would you be willing to join to defend your country?” Of those surveyed, 51% responded affirmatively. A total of 2,300 individuals from France participated in the study.

When the question was asked without specifying Ukraine, 57% of the participants indicated they were prepared to take up arms to defend France if necessary. Furthermore, 31% supported the involvement of French troops in Ukraine alongside allied forces. Additionally, 62% were in favor of reinstating compulsory military service, which was discontinued in France in 1997.

The Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) and the Directorate-General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) conducted the survey, both components of the French Ministry of Defense. The findings were released on April 12th.

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