Happy Canada Day!

July 1,2022 299
Happy Canada Day!

On behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress, I want to wish all Canadians and friends of Canada a Happy Canada Day.

As a proud Ukrainian Canadian, this Canada Day has a special meaning to me. My parents immigrated to Canada over 70 years ago as refugees. They met as teenagers after the end of WW2 at a displaced persons camp in Germany, forced from their homeland by the brutal Nazi and Russian Soviet war machines.

I am grateful that my parents’ refugee journey ended in Canada.

Canada has opened its arms to tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing war in their homeland over the last century.

Canadians and Ukrainians have a special kinship with warm hearts, love of peace and the four seasons.

Going forward, let 2022 be the last time that Canada has to accept Ukrainian war refugees.

Glory to Canada, Glory to Ukraine. Happy Canada Day!

Paul Grod
UWC President

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