Happy National Flag Day of Ukraine!

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August 23,2022 1816
Happy National Flag Day of Ukraine!

The blue and yellow symbol of freedom is rising high all over the globe today. With this flag, the people of Ukraine fought for our dream for independence, and continue to fight for Ukraine today.

Today, the blue-and-yellow flag is an international symbol of courage, liberty and the independence that generations of Ukrainians fought for around the world. And it is the flag of those defending democratic values today against russia’s brutal invasion.

The heart of every Ukrainian freezes when the national flag is raised. It embodies age-old aspirations for peace, work, beauty and wealth of the native land.

We believe that our blue and yellow symbol of the strength and unity of the global Ukrainian people will soon rise again over Crimea.

Join the Drone Army campaign to help Ukraine defend itself, and the entire free world, against the truly evil empire.

We extend our sincerest greeting on this Day of the National Flag, to all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!