Hesitation among Ukraine’s allies aids Putin, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister says

November 15,2023 915
Hesitation among Ukraine’s allies aids Putin, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister says

Gabrielius Landsbergis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, has stated that uncertainties among Western allies in providing continued support to Ukraine in the war enable Russia to regain confidence in its potential victory. Landsbergis emphasizes that discussions in the United States, Europe’s inability to progress in terms of military support for Ukraine, and the mounting pressure on the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the frontlines reinforce the Kremlin’s certainty.

“The current situation suggests that Putin is preparing to dust off his victory plans, which he had put on the shelf for some time. … I think Europe was capable of pushing so that the only victory day in this war could be in Kyiv, celebrated by Ukrainians. But now, it seems the situation is uncertain again,” Landsbergis stated.

The minister also deems any talks of negotiations unacceptable given the current circumstances, considering it a path leading to a victory day in Moscow. “Putin has been working on this very actively. And such a day may come. A day when Ukrainians cannot continue to fight because we cannot provide them with weapons… There can be no ‘meeting in the middle’… If there is a ceasefire, and we try to spin it with arguments that we defended Kyiv, other Ukrainian territories – it will be clear that it is Putin’s victory,” Landsbergis warned.

At the same time, the minister is confident that the world is capable of restoring unity in the position of supporting Ukraine. “We have already demonstrated the ability to make very important decisions. Europe has already demonstrated leadership. Now is the time for us to do it again,” Landsbergis stated.

Earlier, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, declared that Germany not only will continue to expand its support for Ukraine but also will increase assistance.