“Honor, courage, law” – Zaluzhny congratulates the National Guard

March 26,2023 2206
“Honor, courage, law” – Zaluzhny congratulates the National Guard

On the Day of the National Guard of Ukraine, March 26, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhny, sent video greetings to the brothers in arms who fight shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces in the war against the Russian aggressors.

“Honor, courage, law – these concepts unite all National Guardsmen. But you are responsible for not only maintaining law and order and security. Every day on the battlefield, you perform feats and demonstrate that allegiance to the oath and the Ukrainian people is not just empty words. You show remarkable resilience and courage. You fight for freedom for every Ukrainian at the cost of your own lives. Since the first days of the Russian aggression, you have been fighting heroically on the most challenging sections of the front along with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Shoulder to shoulder. Our unity and devotion to the Motherland make us invincible. Happy National Guard Day! Glory to Ukraine!” said Zaluzhny.