About the Commission

The UWC Human Rights Commission works systematically to inform the international community and raise its awareness of the human rights abuses in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. It also closely monitors the general human rights situation of Ukrainians in their countries of residence and leads the UWC international advocacy efforts to protect their human and collective rights. The Commission members work with governments, civil society, international organizations and a broad range of partner organizations in Ukraine to achieve the Commission’s primary goals, namely to counter gross violations of human rights of Ukrainian citizens in the occupied Crimea, occupied Donbas and within the Russian Federation.

Canada, Head Borys Wrzesnewskyj

UWC Human Rights Commission members

Pavlo Sadokha (Portugal), UWC Regional Vice President for Western and Southern Europe

Vira Konyk (Estonia), UWC Regional Vice President for Eastern Europe

Andrij Dobriansky (USA), Member of the UCCA, UWC Representative in the UN

Orest Zakydalsky (Canada), Member of the UCC, Senior Policy Adviser

Nicolae-Miroslav Petrețchi (Romania), Chair of the Union of the Ukrainians of Romania, MP

Myroslava Keryk (Poland), Historian, sociologist, Chair of the “Nasz Wybór” Foundation

Serhiy Kasyanchuk (Ukraine), Head of the UWC Mission to Ukraine