Hungary becoming problem for EU – Estonia’s PM

October 27,2023 1216
Hungary becoming problem for EU – Estonia’s PM

Hungary is becoming a problem for the European Union, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on the eve of the meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.

“Hungary is becoming a problem that we must solve. Earlier, we managed to maintain unity, but with Hungary, it is becoming more and more difficult,” Kallas said.

Currently, there is no strong opposition to Hungary’s actions, the Prime Minister said and added that she was surprised by Budapest’s decision to continue to adhere to opposing views from the European Union and to remain outside the Eurozone. “Hungary needs the EU,” Kaja Kallas emphasized.

At the same time, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What Orbán has done with Putin is a middle finger to all soldiers, all Ukrainians that are dying every day and that have to suffer from Russian attacks,” Bettel said.

The European Union should not become a hostage of Orbán, who makes financial demands in exchange for approval of support for Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg emphasized. “I am convinced that we must find positive solutions. We must not forget the past, and neither should Orbán,” Bettel said.

Recently, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the European Union a “bad modern parody” of the USSR. At the same time, on October 17, Orbán met with Putin in Beijing. Later, the Hungarian leader said that he does not plan to apologize for the incident and, on the contrary, is “proud” of Hungary’s strategy, which he considers to be “peace-building.”

Citing its own sources, The Guardian reported that Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán is now more isolated in the European Union than ever before. In addition, the EU expects more and more problems with Budapest.

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