Hungary “switches to Russian positions” – Tusk

December 11,2023 1615
Hungary “switches to Russian positions” – Tusk

Hungary’s government has “openly switched to Russian positions,” as indicated by remarks from Donald Tusk, the leader of Poland’s Civic Platform and former President of the European Council (2014-2019). Tusk, a potential candidate for Poland’s next prime minister, highlighted this shift in the Hungarian government’s stance.

“We are dealing with a government that has openly switched to a Russian position… Let’s be honest. His [Orbán’s – ed.] relations with Moscow and Putin are organic, and I don’t think my beliefs can significantly change his attitude,” Tusk said.

When asked about his possible negotiations with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Tusk said, “We are not close to each other politically today.”

However, the Polish politician says he will “use various arguments and methods to eliminate at least the negative consequences of his [Orbán’s] attitude.”

It is, in particular, about the fact that Orbán’s government is blocking decisions according to which Poland should have received EUR 800 million from the EU for weapons transferred to Ukraine.

“I am angry that at the last minute – when they are running for their money … they could not settle with Orbán such an important issue for us as EUR 800 million for weapons,” Donald Tusk said, referring to the government of Mateusz Morawiecki. 

Tusk assured that he will be firm at the European Council, where important Ukraine-related issues will be discussed.

“I am convinced that from now on the majority of leaders will take into account the Polish opinion when it comes to Ukrainian issues and when it comes to Hungary and Orban,” the Polish politician emphasized.

Meanwhile, the influential British publication The Guardian, citing sources, reported that allies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will hold a closed meeting with Republicans in Washington to seek an end to US military support for Ukraine.

Members of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and staff from the Hungarian embassy in Washington will begin a two-day event on Monday hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank.

The first day of the conference includes panel discussions about the war in Ukraine, as well as, in particular, about the transatlantic culture wars. Among the guests will be Magor Ernyei, the international director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, the institute that organized CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Hungary.

Meanwhile, some conference participants, including Republican members of Congress, were invited to take part in closed-door talks on the summit’s second day, the source said.

A diplomatic source close to the Hungarian embassy said: “Orbán is confident that the Ukraine aid will not pass in Congress. That is why he is trying to block assistance from the EU as well.”

It should be noted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke with Orbán during his visit to the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of Argentina. The conversation was brief; the details are unknown. The official YouTube channel of the Senate of Argentina published footage of politicians’ communication.

Cover: Johanna Geron / Credit: Reuters

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