If Ukraine disappears, Europe will disappear – Sadokha

December 19,2023 652
If Ukraine disappears, Europe will disappear – Sadokha

Pavlo Sadokha, UWC Vice-President and President of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal, stated that Europe will disappear if Ukraine disappears. Sadokha made this statement in front of the Russian embassy in Lisbon during a rally for the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

“If Ukraine disappears, Europe will disappear, and if Russian imperialism disappears, Europe will continue to thrive,” the Portuguese publication Correio quoted Sadokha. 

Several dozen concerned individuals joined the rally. Sadokha emphasized that Russia continues to hold hundreds of Ukrainians in inhumane conditions.

“There are not many of us, but what we are doing here today is happening in several European capitals. Civilized people cannot even imagine what the Russians are doing with Ukrainian prisoners,” said the UWC Vice-President.

The war continues, with no signs of its end. However, Ukrainians will not “lay down their arms” and will continue to fight until they defeat the occupiers, according to Sadokha.

“Ukraine does not aim to destroy the Russian people but rather to end Russian imperialism,” noted Sadokha.

Ukrainians in Portugal “will not rest” until the Russian Federation leaves its facilities in Lisbon, and the flag of this country predominates in European countries.

UWC Vice-President Sadokha thanked the Portuguese people and politicians for their assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He also appealed to the population and politicians of Portugal, urging them “not to leave Ukrainians alone.”

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