ІІ UWC Forum “United by Ukraine”: Those Who Do Not Live in Ukraine But Live by Ukraine

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August 12,2021 128
ІІ UWC Forum “United by Ukraine”: Those Who Do Not Live in Ukraine But Live by Ukraine

On the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukrainian independence, the Ukrainian World Congress invites you to the ІІ forum “United by Ukraine” on August 28, 2021. The open panel discussions will be held in the Studio of Ukrainian TV channels UA: ПЕРШИЙ, UA: КУЛЬТУРА and UA: КРИМ. The Program will unite Ukrainians across six continents and will be broadcast live to an all-Ukrainian and global audience.

Ukrainians from all over the world will speak about how they gained, built, and defended Independence. The forum will focus on the UWC cooperation with the churches, youth organizations, and today’s Ukraine, on the topic of how those who do not live in Ukraine but live by Ukraine see the country’s future.

Participants will be representatives of different generations of the Ukrainian diaspora – from Washington and Tallinn, Budapest and Bucharest, Abu Dhabi and Cape Town and others. Many work in the science, culture, business, and innovative technologies areas. They will also include public figures, human rights activists, and diplomats.

The discussion will seek to answer many often asked and complex questions like – Is it true that the diaspora only loves Ukraine on the Internet? How do Ukrainian communities in the Russian Federation live today?

Stereotypes, challenges, multiple citizenships, support for the Ukrainian people and the challenges associated with living in the diaspora while trying to maintain a Ukrainian identity will be discussed by our panel of experts including UWC President Paul Grod along with the UA: ПЕРШИЙ hosts in Kyiv, on August 28, at 5 pm Kyiv time.

“For decades, Ukrainians around the world have fought for the restoration of Ukraine’s Independence, and today our Ukrainian communities are working towards the European future of the Ukrainian state. We are united by Ukraine and are proud to be Ukrainians wherever we live,” emphasized UWC President Paul Grod.