In Memoriam – Yevhen Sverstiuk

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December 2,2014 229

In Memoriam – Yevhen Sverstiuk (1928-2014)

The Ukrainian World Congress deeply mourns the death of a great son of the Ukrainian nation – Yevhen Sverstiuk, prominent Ukrainian writer, philosopher, dissident and human rights activist.

The death of Yevhen Sverstiuk is a great loss for both Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora. Ukrainians around the world remember Yevhen Sverstiuk as an invincible member of the national-democratic movement who, with dignity, survived Soviet repressions and labor camps, a member of the December First Initiative Group, and a community activist who, to the last days of his life, remained faithful to Ukraine and its people.

The Ukrainian World Congress expresses sincere condolences on the death of Yevhen Sverstiuk.

Memory eternal!
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