In Memory of Taras Dudko

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January 9,2021 458
In Memory of Taras Dudko

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) expresses its deep sorrow and sympathy for the passing of Taras Dudko on January 3, 2021, a leading Ukrainian public figure in the Russian Federation and head of the “Provisnyk” Ukrainian community in Moscow.

The passing of Taras Dudko is a painful loss for his family, the Ukrainian community in the Russian Federation, the UWC, and Ukrainians around the world who remember him as a great Ukrainian patriot and former leader of the Union of Ukrainians of Russia, a UWC member organization that was liquidated by the Russian authorities.

Taras Dudko will be remembered as a man whose life was inextricably linked with the development of the Ukrainian community in Russia and with the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian national values, including Ukrainian language and culture. As a well-known doctor of medical sciences and an academic, his passion for active social work inspired others by his personal example. Taras Dudko has repeatedly participated in UWC Congresses and Annual General Meetings, and his experience contributed to the development of his roadmap for the protection of the interests of Ukrainians worldwide and our spiritual homeland of Ukraine.

Taras Dudko was awarded Ukrainian state honours for his tireless work building Ukrainian public life in the diaspora and supporting Ukraine’s Holy Memory, and the UWC awarded him his diploma.

The UWC leadership and membership are deeply saddened by the passing of Taras Dudko and pray for the peace of his soul.

May his memory be eternal!