In Memory of Sergii Proskurnia

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February 2,2021 218
In Memory of Sergii Proskurnia

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) expresses its deep sorrow and sympathy for the passing of prominent Ukrainian cultural figure, Sergii Proskurnia, on February 1, 2021. Proskurnia’s name is well known in Ukraine and far beyond. A talented director and producer, he bore a Ukrainian soul and was a true Ukrainian patriot who believed in the strength of the Ukrainian people and a better future for the nation. He left a great creative legacy and realized a number of world-class art projects. Proskurnia understood the importance of the unity of the Ukrainian people, was a strong supporter of the UWC, and actively collaborated with the UWC and the Ukrainian diaspora. In 2017, he produced UWC’s 50th anniversary at the Art Arsenal in Kyiv, a great celebration during which the Ukrainian diaspora was joined by the President, church leaders, high-ranking Ukrainian officials, and diplomats from various countries. Additionally, Proskurnia has repeatedly produced the joint Ukraine-UWC Holodomor commemoration in Kyiv, with the participation of the international community, including world leaders and representatives of the UWC and its network from around the world. Recently, the famous director has been working on the implementation of the Art Marathon “Chervona Ruta,” which aims to unite Ukrainians around the world by exploring the creative heritage of Volodymyr Ivasyuk. Proskurnia is the laureate of the National Union of Theater Actors of Ukraine’s “Experiment” Award and Serhiy Danchenko Award. The Ukrainian World Congress and the Ukrainian diaspora sincerely share the pain of all relatives and friends of Sergii Proskurnia and pray for the peace of his soul. May his memory be eternal!      


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