Lesya Ukrainka’s mural vandalized in Serbia

December 29,2022 859
Lesya Ukrainka’s mural vandalized in Serbia

This week, in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, unknown individuals defaced a mural depicting Lesya Ukrainka with aggressive Russian symbols, reports

The vandals painted the letters Z (which the Russians use as a symbol of aggression against Ukraine) over the image of the great Ukrainian poet. Vandals also left inscriptions in Serbian, such as: “This is Serbia!”, “There is no place for such a thing here!” and “There is no Nazism here.”

“The Russian aggressor-terrorist can be defeated only by a consolidated position of the civilized world. The fact that a European country tolerates support for brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable,” Vira Konyk, UWC Vice-President in Eastern Europe, commented on the vandalism act. – “It is clear that the depiction of symbols of war in Belgrade is not an isolated fact, and these crimes have not been condemned to this day. All international organizations condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine, and Serbia, which seeks to join the European community, must comply with the norms of international law. And if Belgrade forgets about it, then it needs a reminder.”

Ukrainian Embassy in Belgrade called on Serbian authorities to “stop tolerating the symbols of Russian aggression against Ukraine – such as the letter Z” on Belgrade streets –  and ban the sale of goods carrying this symbol.

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