“You are in my heart, Ukraine”: international festival to be held in Kyiv

July 21,2023 819
“You are in my heart, Ukraine”: international festival to be held in Kyiv

An international multi-genre art festival competition will be held in Kyiv for the Independence Day of Ukraine. The organizers – the Kyiv City Center of Folk Art and Cultural Studies, with the support of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City Council and the Mist-IlPonte cultural/educational association (Italy) – strive to unite all Ukrainians to popularize Ukrainian culture.

“The goal is to unite all Ukrainians who live and work in different parts of Ukraine and the world, in the love of Ukraine, the desire to serve the native land, to popularize the Ukrainian song and the Ukrainian word together, to show the world the uniqueness and beauty of Ukrainian traditions, customs and rites,” the initiators of the event explain.

Amateurs, professionals, individual performers, and creative teams without age restrictions are invited to participate in the festival competition. The qualifying stage lasts from June 22 to August 15. Contestants will be evaluated by an international jury of professional representatives from 10 countries.

“The festival competition is not commercial; the charitable contributions of the participants support it. Each participant or team of the festival competition has the right to participate in several nominations by sending a separate application for each of them,” the organizers explain.

Part of the raised funds will go towards the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In our creative Ukrainian family, many talented military personnel are now on the front lines and defending their native Ukraine! Our dear defenders! We invite you to participate in the festival competition free of charge. Also, orphans, children of military personnel, children with disabilities, and persons with disabilities have the right to participate in the festival competition for free,” the organizers urge.

Details can be found on the festival’s Facebook page

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