International Volunteer Day: united, we are a powerful force

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December 5,2023 558
International Volunteer Day: united, we are a powerful force

Annually, on December 5, the world celebrates International Volunteer Day. This is a special day for the Ukrainian World Congress, as our organization was founded and has been led by volunteers for over 56 years. 

We thank all volunteers of the global Ukrainian community for your dedicated work during these challenging times in Ukrainian history. We bow low to everyone who helps Ukraine and brings victory in the fight against the eternal enemy closer. Your powerful volunteer support is always timely, much needed, and therefore invaluable.

On International Volunteer Day, we invite everyone to join the global Ukrainian community and support the daily efforts of the Ukrainian World Congress and its volunteer leaders.

With the outbreak of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine, the UWC launched the Unite With Ukraine campaign to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all the necessary supplies, and thanks to the generous donations and tireless work of our volunteers, we have already managed to purchase and send tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment. 

Join and support Unite With Ukraine today.

Together, we are a powerful force capable of standing up to the evil empire and leading our Ukrainian people to victory, recovery, and prosperity.

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