Invaders in the Kharkiv region are destroying books in Ukrainian language

July 26,2022 506
Invaders in the Kharkiv region are destroying books in Ukrainian language

The occupants are going to begin teaching in Russian, bring textbooks from the Krasnodar region, and implement Russian curricula in the temporarily controlled areas.

The Russian invaders want to burn down all Ukrainian-language literature in the occupied communities of the Kharkiv region, including children’s illustrated editions with essentially no text.

“Additionally, it is stated that the Krasnodar Territory will send Russian curricula and textbooks to the Boriv Oblast schools.
In the meantime, the fight against Ukrainian literature and textbooks goes on in the occupied territory. It is well known that the school libraries in the nearby Kupyan region have already been given instructions by the occupation authorities to make a list of every book they own that was produced after 1991 and to get rid of it. Even children’s illustrated books with almost little text, such as fairy tales, are susceptible to being destroyed “The village council of Boriv posts updates on Telegram.

In addition, there haven’t been any mobile phones or Internet connections on the community’s land for almost the entire duration of the full-scale war, which, according to the village council, denies people the chance to get information from a variety of sources and instead gives occupiers the ability to control the consciousness of residents.