Ireland has recognized Russia’s war against Ukraine as genocide

Ireland has recognized Russia’s war against Ukraine as genocide

This was announced on Twitter by the President of the Senate of Ireland Mark Daly. Earlier, similar resolutions were adopted by Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Canada.

It has been learned that the Russian occupiers in Mariupol killed civilians when they shot at a house for a propaganda video for Russian media, reported Mariupol Advisor to the Mayor Petro Andryushchenko.

“Remember the Russia Today (RT) propaganda video of a Russian tank repeatedly shooting residential buildings for the sake of good video shots? At that time, we pointed out that the video was shot near Pashkovsky Street on Prospect May First.

A screenshot from the propaganda video of Russia Today about the raid in Mariupol against the Ukrainian military

Now the occupiers have begun to destroy the evidence of their crimes in the debris of their destruction. Yesterday, 6 bodies of dead civilians were found under the rubble of the house in the video, one of whom was shot by a Russian tank for the show.

Removal of building debris

Five corpses are male and one is female. The ‘discovery’ was immediately taken to the mass grave in the village of Vinogradne,” Mr Andryushchenko said.

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