Ireland unlikely to offer condolences when Putin dies – PM

July 27,2023 1250
Ireland unlikely to offer condolences when Putin dies – PM

Ireland is unlikely to express condolences in the event of the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Prime Minister of the country, Leo Varadkar, stated this in an interview with the Independent.

In addition, Varadkar does not believe the Irish delegation will attend Putin’s funeral. The Irish government followed a strict policy of neutrality throughout the Second World War, the Independent writes.

However, when then-Foreign Minister Éamon de Valera expressed condolences on Hitler’s death in 1945, it caused outrage in the international community.

This event caused significant reputational damage to the minister and the state and is therefore considered an essential moment in the history of Irish neutrality.

During his visit to Kyiv on July 19, Varadkar said that Ireland would be with Ukraine as long as needed. The country’s prime minister also announced the allocation of millions of euros for humanitarian aid.

Cover: Paul Faith / AFP