Israeli missile attack hits Iranian drones assembly facility in Syria

October 23,2022 2892
Israeli missile attack hits Iranian drones assembly facility in Syria

The operation that assembled Iranian drones was destroyed in the Israeli missile attack on Syrian territory on October 21, the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported today.

“According to SOHR sources, military logistics and equipment used to assemble Iranian-made drones in Dimas military airport area in western Rif Dimashq were destroyed after being directly targeted by Israeli missiles. A radar and airstrip were also targeted at the airport,” the report reads.

According to the sources, weapons, ammunition and parts to manufacture drones arrived at Dimas military airport in January 2022. “It is worth noting that Iran and its backed militias almost completely controlled Dimas military airport during the recent period.”

Russia actively uses Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones – repainted and renamed as Geran-2 – in its barbaric strikes at Ukraine aimed at destroying the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. There is a lot of evidence of this, as the Ukrainian Defense Forces have shot down about 250 of these UAVs. Nevertheless, Tehran consistently denies its involvement in the supply of drones to Russia for use against Ukraine. There is also a hypothesis that Russia obtains Iranian drones from Iran via third countries. If so, it is possible the Israeli missile attack hit the assembly of drones intended for further attacks on Ukraine.

AP Photo/Omar Sanadik via The Times of Israel

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