Israel breaks through Russian Black Sea blockade

August 1,2023 4997
Israel breaks through Russian Black Sea blockade

The Israeli vessel Ams1 entered the Ukrainian mouth of the Danube, ignoring threats and Russia’s “blockade” of the Black Sea. In addition, two more are following the ship, from Greece and Türkiye/Georgia, open data researcher Marcus Jonsson writes.

“Ams1 is entering Ukraine branch of Danube. She was the first ship to break Russia’s Black Sea blockade after the July 25th Reni-bombing [Russia’s attack on the port infrastructure of the city of Reni in Odesa – ed.]. Starting her trip Ashdod, Israel, she openly advertised destination Ukraine as she traversed Black Sea on a straight course. Brave mariners,” Jonsson wrote.

In general, on the night of August 1, three ships already ignored Russia’s threats and set off on direct routes to Ukraine.

“Russian forces are clearly unwilling or unable to forcibly stop and search neutral ships bound for Ukraine via the Black Sea… Ship surveillance images released on 30 July show three civilian vessels declaring their destination in Ukraine via the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and sailing there without being stopped and searched by the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” the article of the Bulgarian media Actualno says.

On July 17, the Kremlin announced the suspension of the “grain deal” and, therefore, guarantees of shipping safety. The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that all ships bound for Ukrainian ports will be considered involved in a military conflict. Subsequently, the Russians began to threaten vessels in the Black Sea.