ISW key findings on June 11 and 12

June 13,2022 119
ISW key findings on June 11 and 12

In Severodonetsk, according to the US-based Institute for the Study of War, Ukrainian defenders retained control over the industrial zone as street fighting continued. The occupiers undertook ground attacks and blew up two bridges over the Siversky Donets River connecting Severodonetsk with Lysychansk, threatening to cut off land routes from Severodonetsk to Lysychansk and Bakhmut. Russian forces made unsuccessful attacks on settlements along the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway.

Enemy forces gradually advanced southeast of Izyum and were likely to continue their attempts to attack Slovyansk.

The invaders continued to push Ukrainian troops away from the front lines northeast of Kharkiv. The Armed Forces resisted and thwarted their offensive.

The Armed Forces resumed a counteroffensive northwest of Kherson, gaining ground to the south. Russian forces focused on strengthening defensive lines along the southern axis.

Above: The inscription “I’m alive and I will come home” on the door jamb in the shelter. Photo: Esteban Biba

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