Japan to create center to support nations enslaved by Russia

August 4,2023 1983
Japan to create center to support nations enslaved by Russia

Japan has announced its intention to create a center to support the enslaved nations of the Russian Federation. The decision was made during the VII Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum, which took place on August 1-2 in Tokyo, one of the largest Japanese media, Tokyo Shimbun, reported.

The event took place in the building of the Parliament of Japan and gathered representatives of the national liberation movements of the enslaved peoples of Russia and representatives of the main factions of the Japanese Parliament. The participants discussed the political and economic future of certain territories of Russia after the expected collapse of the country as a result of the war against Ukraine.

During the first day of the Forum, the participants adopted the Tokyo Declaration, which declared the de-imperialization, decolonization of the Russian Federation, and the liberation of all its peoples “the most important priority.” The declaration also emphasized the need to sign a peace treaty between Russia and Japan and to solve the problem of “occupied Japanese northern territories” [referring to the Kuril Islands partially occupied by Russia].

The Forum participants also agreed to create a Free Eurasia Coordination Center in Tokyo, which will coordinate efforts to support the enslaved peoples of the Russian Federation.

“From the participants who gathered from all over the world, we had the opportunity to hear the real voice of the peoples who are under the oppression of the imperialist and colonial policy of Russia,” Professor Yoshihiko Okabe, who will be the coordinator of the Free Eurasia Center, emphasized.

“Many peoples of Russia have their own statehood, language, culture and historical memory. Russia is a classic empire that exists and expands through the colonization of these peoples. After Ukraine’s victory in the war… Bashkortostan, Ichkeria, Tatarstan and other national republics must gain independence and determine their own destiny,” Ruslan Gabbasov, leader of the Bashkir independence movement, said.

“Today, many politicians believe that the collapse of Russia will lead to chaos, but this is not the case. All national republics have their official borders, presidents, parliaments, symbols –  in fact, all the signs of statehood,” said Maria Ochir-Goryaeva, a representative of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people, a well-known Kalmyk scientist.

The republics that are part of Russia today are ready for conscious independence and are able to guarantee security, including taking into account the nuclear weapons that remain on their territory, Ochir-Goryaeva believes.

The Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum is an international platform for coordinating Russian regional leaders, dissidents, participants in the opposition currents of the Russian Federation, and representatives of national liberation movements aiming to transform the Russian Federation.

Cover: Tokyo Shimbun

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