Jingle Bells, Artillery Shells, Ukraine’s liberation is on the way!

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November 28,2023 556
Jingle Bells, Artillery Shells, Ukraine’s liberation is on the way!

This “Giving Tuesday”, together with our partners from Saint Javelin, the Ukrainian World Congress introduces the War-Part Christmas Ornament Set, meticulously handcrafted in Lviv, Ukraine. Each ornament is cast from brass artillery shells used in the fight for the liberation of Ukrainian territories.

This exclusive set is not merely a decoration but a unique piece of history a testament to the indomitable spirit of Ukraine. As these ornaments adorn your Christmas tree, they will serve as a beacon of support for the brave souls standing firm on the frontlines of Ukraine’s defence.

All the net profits from these ornament sets will be donated to the Ukrainian World Congress “Unite with Ukraine” initiative and its efforts to provide the highest quality tactical medical supplies to Ukrainian defenders. 

Celebrate the season by acquiring a piece of history. As we prepare for this upcoming holiday season, and Ukrainians continue to fight for their right to exist, embrace this opportunity to invest in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and bring our inevitable victory one step closer.

Visit the Saint Javelin store online for your chance to own a piece of modern Ukrainian history!

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