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15 October 2014


Join the UkraineAlert  readership for analyses and news

As announced on 18 September 2014, the Ukrainian World Congress launched an exciting new partnership with the prominent think tank, the Atlantic Council.


One of the Atlantic Council’s projects under its Ukraine in Europe Initiative is the newsletter UkraineAlert. Below is a letter from Atlantic Council editor James Rupert presenting the newsletter with an invitation to subscribe.


We encourage you to share this invitation with your membership and friends of Ukraine.


From Atlantic Council editor James Rupert:

The Washington-based think tank, the Atlantic Council, is eager to make its newsletter, UkraineAlert available to UWC members. UkraineAlert offers analyses and reporting on aspects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis that may be under-covered by international news media. The Council launched the newsletter in March as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.


The Council publishes UkraineAlert as part of the Council’s Ukraine in Europe Initiative, which has received key support from the Ukrainian World Congress. This initiative aims to mobilize action, especially within the transatlantic community, to support Ukraine’s independence, unity, and democratic right to determine its own future – including, as it chooses, integration with Europe. The newsletter is published in English, generally on Mondays and Thursdays.


We invite you to subscribe directly on the Atlantic Council website at Our editorial team also welcomes suggestions and comments on UkraineAlert. Please write to [email protected].

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