Kremenchuk strike: hope dies last

June 29,2022 265
Kremenchuk strike: hope dies last

Liudmyla Bryhadyrenko will never stop looking for her daughter when there is even the tiniest hope that she is alive. The 22-year-old girl was not in the trenches of this war or just close to the frontlines. Tania was an employee at the Amstor shopping mall in Kremenchuk and one of the about thousand people who were there on June 27 when the cruise missile of the Russian terrorist hit. Now she’s gone missing. A young beautiful girl who was about to get married.

On Monday, when Liudmyla heard the sound of an explosion, she first tried to call Tania and then rushed to Amstor – just to see the nightmare in the blaze of the day. She went to the morgue to make sure that her daughter was not there and gave her a DNA sample. The next day, she looked for her daughter in the hospital after she saw on TV that two girls with hair like that of Tania had been brought there.

In tears of despair, she showed a photo of her Tania to journalists on the watch at the hospital – has anybody seen her? She said the Russian beasts “kill peaceful people… Let their mothers know that they exterminate us.”

“I don’t know what’s happened to my daughter… We led a peaceful life and didn’t want to attack anybody. We built our homes, and my child was going to marry,” Luidmyla sobbed out.

The father of Tania’s fiancé did not try to disguise his anger. “If we survive, we’ll tear them [Russian terrorists] up for our girl… All of those guilty in these deaths will answer,” he said, while his son turned his back on the reporters, unable to speak.

Russia’s rocket attack on the Amstor shopping mall has already taken the lives of more than 20 customers and staff, injuring 59, and 40 more are still reported as missing. President Zelensky called the strike “one of the most defiant terrorist attacks in European history.” He also emphasized that it was not an off-target missile strike but a calculated one.

Russia is a terrorist state.

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