Kremlin associate intends to send militants to support Palestine

October 10,2023 2595
Kremlin associate intends to send militants to support Palestine

Ramzan Kadyrov, the pro-Kremlin “head” of Russian-occupied Chechnya, said he is ready to go on a peacekeeping mission to Palestine.

“We fully support the actions of Palestine. Because their land was taken away by Israel at one time and is kept in isolation. They have no freedom of speech. Today, I am against war and I call on everyone to stop this war so that it does not spread around the world. This war will not end just like that,” Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov also said that on Monday, shells fell near the mosque in Israel, which he built in honor of his father. The building is damaged. The Kremlin guide asked both sides not to touch the mosque.

“I once again call on all Muslims, all citizens and our state to support the truth and stop this war. Or send us there as peacekeepers. We will determine who is right and who is wrong. We will stop those who continue to fight,” Kadyrov said.

Ukraine recognizes the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria as a state temporarily occupied by Russia. This is a territory in the Caucasus – a region on the border between Europe and Asia. As a result of the second war between Russians and Chechens in 1999-2009, the Russian Federation destroyed the country’s capital, Grozny, and installed a pro-Moscow regime led by Kadyrov.

Cover: Tatiana Barybina / TASS

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