Kuleba at XII Congress of UWC: multiple citizenship policy is necessary

October 26,2023 936
Kuleba at XII Congress of UWC: multiple citizenship policy is necessary

Multiple citizenship should become part of the state policy of Ukraine. This will help to preserve and develop the global Ukrainian community, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, during the XII Congress of the Ukrainian World Congress.

“It is absolutely necessary to preserve their [Ukrainians’] connection with the Motherland. This is about the future of Ukraine and Ukrainianness. Therefore, multiple citizenship should become one of the elements of state policy aimed at preserving and developing the global Ukrainian community,” Kuleba said.

Ukraine should open the possibility for millions of Ukrainians abroad to keep their Ukrainian passport or get it, and also accept that with Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, Ukrainian passports will have the same status as passports of neighboring European states.

“Of course, this policy should be implemented wisely. Gradually, starting with friendly allied countries. And, of course, any dual citizenship with an aggressor state or unfriendly countries should be prohibited,” Kuleba said.

The minister is convinced of the need to introduce dual citizenship. “It is necessary to be guided not by the fear of giving out foreign passports in Ukraine, but by the power of the Ukrainian passport in Ukraine and the world,” Kuleba emphasized.

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