Kyiv mayor Klitschko does not rule out a complete blackout in Kyiv

November 7,2022 448
Kyiv mayor Klitschko does not rule out a complete blackout in Kyiv

The Kyiv mayor does not rule out the scenario of a complete blackout in Kyiv, including lack of electricity, heat, water, and communications, Ukrainska Pravda reports. In this regard, the mayor called on the people of Kyiv to prepare the necessary supplies and to consider the possibility of temporarily leaving the city.

“We are doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening. But let’s be honest: our enemies are doing everything to ensure that the city is without heat and electricity, without water supply, in general, we are all dead. And the future of the country and the future of each of us depends on how prepared we are for various situations…

We are not ruling out [the possibility of a blackout]. We are calculating different scenarios in order to endure, to prepare.”

At the same time, he urged to refrain from a “pessimistic mood.”

“We talk openly about different scenarios and even the worst scenario, for which you need to be prepared. We will do everything in our power to avoid such a scenario. But we cannot guarantee anything 100%, so we simulate different situations, and each of us must be prepared for this,” the mayor emphasized.

“I can clearly say about what is currently happening in Ukraine, with the city of Kyiv: this is not a war, this is terrorism, this is genocide. Putin does not need us, Ukrainians, he needs the territory, he needs Ukraine without us. His task is for us to die, freeze or just go somewhere and leave him our land,” Klitschko also said.

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