Latvia adopts a new May 9 law

April 21,2023 637
Latvia adopts a new May 9 law

Holding separate outdoor public entertainment and festive events, rallies, marches and pickets in public places on May 9 will be prohibited throughout Latvia, according to a new law passed Thursday by the Saeima – Latvian parliament.

The law, adopted as urgent, is coming into effect the next day after its promulgation, the Saeima reported in a press release.

“Everyone knows that May 9 is a day a certain part of society uses to glorify the totalitarian and occupation regimes, and it is in our interest to prevent events that undermine our values, divide society, glorify military aggression and promote false coverage of historical events,” stated Ieva Brante, chairwoman of the parliamentary Human Rights and Public Affairs Commission responsible for the movement of the bill through the Saeima.

Allowed on May 9 will be only events that do not conflict with the law’s goals and objectives, namely to defend the interests of the state and public security, as well as to prevent belittling and endangering the values of Latvia as a democratic and national state by dividing its society, glorifying war, military aggression, totalitarianism and violence and misrepresenting historical events.

Separately, the law also allows holding events on that day to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and to commemorate those who suffered and died in Ukraine.

The use of pyrotechnic products will be prohibited throughout May 9 and until 7:00 a.m. the next day.