Latvia’s brand-new “Slava Ukraini” ice cream tastes of freedom

June 23,2022 711
Latvia’s brand-new “Slava Ukraini” ice cream tastes of freedom

“Food Union,” Latvia’s leading dairy and ice cream company, has created an ice cream in the Ukrainian national flag’s colors. This is another act of solidarity with Ukraine that Latvia expressed as one of the closest Ukrainian allies.

This symbolic ice cream is made with natural ingredients and has a unique taste composition, – the taste of elderberry and cornflower in the blue part, and the softness of saffron in the yellow part.

The delicacy was named after “Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine), known as the Ukrainian main slogan of the country’s sovereignty and resistance.

“This ice cream is a tribute to the courage and love of freedom of the Ukrainian people. But more importantly, it is a reminder to everyone in Latvia that Ukraine is still going through a terrible war, so we must continue to help its people even after the first wave of support has subsided. The development of ice cream for Ukraine was an emotional event for our team. It allowed everyone involved in the development process to feel supported by Ukrainians through what we know best – to design and produce delicious and high-quality products. We also benefited from our experience from 2018, when we created ice cream in the colors of national flags in honor of the countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania,” Irēna Holodnaya, General Director of the Food Union, was quoted as saying by Varta1.

In a comment to a Reddit post on the new ice cream, a user from Poland asked: “What flavor is it?” Another user answered her in one word: “Freedom.”