Leleka drone: new UAV’s capabilities

November 14,2023 1286
Leleka drone: new UAV’s capabilities

A drone named Leleka LR, developed by a joint Ukrainian-Czech company, has been unveiled and engineered explicitly for reconnaissance purposes and artillery fire adjustment. The manufacturing of its weaponry is slated to occur within the European Union at a Czech-based plant. Notably, while the UAV’s production will be centralized in the EU, testing, maintenance, and training of operators for this cutting-edge technology will be conducted in Ukraine, according to insights shared by the Militarnyi publication.

“Leleka” implements the redundancy of main systems. The drone has multiple communication channels, distributed across different frequencies, and incorporates all necessary encryption algorithms. The drone has anti-jamming systems, including CRP antennas,” journalists write.

The drone was developed considering Russia’s war against Ukraine, with a focus on protecting against enemy electronic warfare systems. The company claims to have utilized state-of-the-art technological solutions and diversified production capacities to ensure the material, technical, and intellectual base of manufacturing.

The drone’s onboard computer has digital video processing algorithms. The UAV can track both static and moving objects, automatically keeping them centered in the frame. The invention can also be used with artillery and missile fire systems like Himars.

Leleka LR can ascend to an altitude of up to 3 kilometers and reach a speed of up to 32 meters per second. The wingspan is 3 meters, and the takeoff weight is 8.7 kilograms. The UAV can stay in flight for up to 4 hours.

“The manufacturer noted that one of the advantages of the new complex is the ease of retraining Leleka-100 UAV crews for the new system. Both have a similar algorithm for technical maintenance and software. The crew can be trained in less than two weeks,” journalists write.

Ukrainian military forces have already tested the drone on the Zaporizhzhia front, assisting in artillery adjustment.

Photo: Militarnyi