Macron on Ukraine’s war: December expected to be critical

November 13,2023 1227
Macron on Ukraine’s war: December expected to be critical

The next month would be critical in Russia’s war against Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the BBC. The politician emphasized that now the Ukrainian Defense Forces are trying to win back their territories in the course of a counteroffensive.

The world cannot allow the Kremlin to win the war because it will have a “new imperial power” in Europe. If Russia wins, it will threaten other former Soviet states, such as Georgia and Kazakhstan, as well as the entire continent, Macron said.

“Because, definitely, it’s imperialism and colonialism that Russia is doing [in Ukraine],” he said.

Macron added that the time for “fair and good negotiations, and to come back to the table and find a solution with Russia” may come. However, this is currently impossible, and it is “not yet” time for Ukraine to come to the table. In addition, Ukraine should independently make decisions about potential negotiations with Russia, Macron emphasized.

Cover: BBC