Majority of Ukrainian refugees plan to return home, poll finds

January 19,2024 637
Majority of Ukrainian refugees plan to return home, poll finds

Six out of ten Ukrainian refugees abroad plan to return home, according to the survey results from the Factum Group sociological company, as quoted by Vox Ukraine.

The survey was conducted in July/August 2023. According to various estimates, around 6 million Ukrainian refugees are currently abroad.

“Among those who remained abroad during the survey, 64% planned to return. Most of those who returned to Ukraine wish to stay, with only 7% planning to leave again. However, these intentions may change rapidly, and the decision to return can be spontaneous,” journalists write.

Most respondents stated that they maintain a connection with Ukraine. Additionally, many who left in the spring of 2022 have already returned.

“The presence of family and/or remote work opportunities in Ukraine, as well as improved security conditions, proved to be significant ‘pull factors,’ while financial difficulties abroad served as substantial ‘push factors’ from the host countries,” the research results state.

12% of respondents stated that the information from the Ukrainian government influenced their decision to return. 

On January 18, during a panel discussion at the Ukrainian House in Davos, Taras Kachka, Deputy Economy Minister and Trade Representative of Ukraine, stated that the Ukrainian government has initiated negotiations with partners regarding assistance to refugees returning to Ukraine.

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