Malicious copy of UWC website removed

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July 13,2023 434
Malicious copy of UWC website removed

Specialists removed a malicious copy of the Ukrainian Worlds Congress website created by cybercriminals. The resource was neutralized after the UWC’s request. The page is currently unavailable to users.

Criminals used a duplicate UWC web resource to distribute virus files. The BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team “found two malicious documents submitted from an IP address in Hungary, sent as lures to an organization supporting Ukraine abroad [UWC], and a document targeting upcoming NATO Summit guests who may also be providing support to Ukraine.”

Those involved in the attack tried to distort a legitimate resource by making insignificant and hard-to-notice changes to the web address. In particular, they changed the ending from “org” to “info.” The Ukrainian World Congress urges you to use only the official website of the organization – 

According to specialists, the attack aimed to disrupt the UWC #UkraineInNATO advocacy campaign ahead of the NATO summit.