Map of pro-Russian media network: check your country

March 11,2024 1754
Map of pro-Russian media network: check your country

The international intelligence community InformNapalm, in collaboration with journalists from Insight News, conducted an OSINT investigation and created a map of the global Russian disinformation network in Europe. This interactive map highlights pro-Russian resources in 9 European countries and the European Union.

The identified websites share common themes of articles criticizing the West and Ukraine while demonstrating a favorable attitude towards Russia. These resources quote and reference one another in spreading pro-Russian narratives and disinformation.

The text notes, “Putin’s regime conducts extensive propaganda not only through its state media but also through ‘useful idiots’ focused on demonizing the United States, the European Union, and NATO, with right-wing or left-wing radical views. Additionally, new so-called ‘multilingual international media,’ writing in ways pleasing to the Kremlin and disseminating pro-Russian narratives and disinformation, have emerged since Russia Today and Sputnik faced restrictions in Europe, though not entirely effective.”

Analysts state that the most active pro-Russian network operates in Germany and France. “The most aggressive and radical among them praise Russia and Putin, justifying Russian military aggression against Ukraine, urging an end to support for Ukraine, and spreading Kremlin-sponsored fakes. They also criticize the West and encourage European protest sentiments, disseminating conspiracy theories and supporting anti-Western and Eurosceptic views,” emphasize the map’s authors.

In summary, a comprehensive network of pro-Russian and anti-Western media operates in Europe, acting as agents of Russian influence and attempting to shape the opinions of Europeans. These media outlets often claim independence and present their information as an “alternative.”

“Why is it important to know about the connections between pro-Russian and anti-Western websites? To understand that they can systematically and purposefully operate in the information field in favor of Russia, which is engaged in a full-scale war against Ukraine and a disinformation war against Europe. Their goal is to influence public opinion, undermine the authorities’ credibility in countries, sow despair, and create chaos. Moscow’s aim would be to bring radical forces to power with whom it has warm relations. This issue becomes particularly relevant, especially a few months before the European Parliament elections,” emphasize the authors.

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