“Marichka”: unveiling the potential of Ukraine’s underwater drone

September 27,2023 2586
“Marichka”: unveiling the potential of Ukraine’s underwater drone

Ukraine has developed the Marichka new underwater drone. The UAV is capable of attacking ships and maritime infrastructure.

“AMMO Ukraine presented Marichka as a potential kamikaze weapon filled with explosives that can be used to attack ships and coastal infrastructure, including bridges. During the year, Ukrainian forces have been increasingly using an expanding arsenal of unmanned boats to strike Russian Navy ships at sea and in port, as well as other objects, such as the Crimean Bridge,” The Drive writes.

The length of the drone is six meters, and the diameter is one meter. The body has a tubular shape with four fins that are located around the tail. The front end also has a pair of horizontal stabilizers, the drone’s developers say.

The maximum range of the drone is 1000 kilometers. That is, Marichka can make flights to almost any point of the Black Sea. To approach the target, the drone can also be launched from ships at sea.