Mariupol survival has moved to the streets

June 15,2022 129
Mariupol survival has moved to the streets

According to Advisor to Mariupol’s Mayor Petro Andryushchenko, daily lives of Mariupol residents have completely moved to the streets. Working and resting areas are outside where people cook, search for firewood and water.

People are still researching for relatives and burying bodies in courtyards. The occupiers forbid any exhumation and reburial. According to Mr Andryushchenko, the enemy military has transferred this problem to the residents of the occupied city.

“If you follow the rules of the occupying power, you have to wait for the ‘prosecutor’ and the ‘investigator’ to examine the body during the exhumation. Then drive to identify the corpse in Donetsk for forensic examination. Only then – burial in a designated place. All this – exhumation, transportation of the body of the deceased to Donetsk, burial – you have to pay at your own expense. The only thing that is free is the arrival of a ‘prosecutor and investigator’,” Mr Andryushchenko said.

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