“Mavka” appears on Latin American screens

September 15,2023 801
“Mavka” appears on Latin American screens

The screening of the Mavka: The Forest Song Ukrainian animated film has begun in cinemas in Latin America. Now, anyone in Peru can watch the cartoon.

The project will soon appear on the big screens of Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela and Chile, the Ukrainian State Film Agency reported.

“We are happy to see how Mavka overcomes oceans and continents and reaches the most remote parts of the planet. We believe that Bereginya Lisu will conquer the hearts of Peruvians and serve as a cultural diplomat, opening up our culture to new nationalities,” the Ukrainian State Film Agency wrote.

The project was created based on Lesia Ukrainka’s extravaganza drama and images of folk mythology. Mavka: The Forest Song became the highest-grossing Ukrainian cartoon. For fifteen weeks of national distribution, the collection amounted to almost UAH 151 million. The tape was broadcast in 80 countries. In August, it became available for viewing online in Spain, and the screening officially started in cinemas in North Macedonia.