Modrytskyy: Ukrainians in Spain are working to counter Russian influence

May 10,2024 185
Modrytskyy: Ukrainians in Spain are working to counter Russian influence

Despite being aware of the war in Ukraine, Spanish society is becoming less conscious of the threat posed by Russia, said Andriy Modrytskyy, the head of the Ukrainians in Alcalá Association, in an interview with KYIV24 live.

“Nowadays, practically the entire Spain knows that Ukraine is currently at war, fighting for its independence. However, considering that in its majority,2 this country is pacifist, not everyone realizes the trouble that could now hang over Europe. Like most people, they are somewhat ‘burned out’ because the war has been going on for three years, and people have become accustomed to the idea that the war is somewhere far away, somewhere in Ukraine, and it doesn’t directly concern them,” Modrytskyy said.

Modrytskyy also added that Russia’s influence persists in Spain. “Currently, there is a social-communist government ruling in the country. Russia exerts its pressure on Spain very strongly, precisely because the positions of the communist party here are solid. The Kremlin invests a lot of money in Spain, especially in left-wing parties,” Modrytskyy continued.

The Ukrainian community is trying to counteract Russian influence by telling society the truth about the war and conducting informational and artistic campaigns. “We bring Ukrainian films; recently, there was a ‘20 Days in Mariupol’ screening across Spain. And when Spaniards come and see what’s happening and how people live, their perception of events in Ukraine changes drastically,” Modrytskyy concluded.

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