Moldova expels 45 Russian diplomats and employees

August 14,2023 890
Moldova expels 45 Russian diplomats and employees

Some diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy in Moldova left the country on the morning of August 14. The plane with the Russians left for Moscow, NewsMaker reports.

There were 22 diplomats and 23 technical staff representatives with their families on board the aircraft. The Russians were brought to the airport by two buses and several cars. Journalists were not allowed on the territory of the airport.

At the end of July, the Moldovan government announced its intention to expel almost half a hundred people from the Russian embassy in Chișinău. The staff of the diplomatic mission was reduced. The decision was a reaction to an investigation by Jurnal TV and The Insider.

Journalists established that dozens of antennas and satellite dishes are installed on the roof of the Russian embassy in Moldova, which the special services of the Russian Federation use for surveillance.

“It is very important that the diplomatic services not only of our country, but also of other countries are aimed at the development of good relations, and not at the destabilization of our country. We agreed with institutions and persons who make political decisions about limiting the number of Russian diplomats accredited in Moldova. This is done so that fewer people in Moldova are engaged in destabilizing the country,” Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, said.

Cover: Video screenshot, Realitatea