Myroslava Gongadze: Transformations awaiting Ukraine in 2024

November 3,2023 737
Myroslava Gongadze: Transformations awaiting Ukraine in 2024

In a recent column for NV, Ukrainian journalist Myroslava Gongadze advised Ukraine to brace itself for forthcoming political shifts in Europe and the United States, emphasizing the need for the country to fortify its own capabilities and devise a strategy for self-reliance.

The year 2024 will be a year of power transitions, particularly in the United States, European countries, and perhaps even in Russia, the journalist suggested. 

“The change in the West’s strategy to support Ukraine did not begin today. These moods or fatigue from Ukraine, as we were very much afraid, began somewhere in early fall. … And we talked about this, that the mood is changing. The mood is changing not only in the United States. The mood is changing in Europe and in other countries,” Gongadze writes.

Today, the situation in the Middle East has completely shifted the focus away from Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden very wisely combined Israel and the Ukrainian problem into a logical ring of a common fight, similar to the fight for democracy, Gongadze believes.

“And this is actually, as observers say, the only way for Ukraine to get additional assistance today. … The State Department and the White House argue that assistance to Israel and Ukraine is a matter of US national security, and only this bill [on assistance to Ukraine and Israel] can be passed. If it does not, it does not close the issue of US national security. Thus, the White House is trying to encourage those skeptical Republicans who say they are not ready or are trying to divide this bill,” Gongadze explains.

The issue of assistance to Ukraine is a matter of political context and the use of this whole process in political interests, the journalist states. 

At the same time, Gongadze says that power transit can happen even in Russia. 

“I would not be so sure that Putin will be re-elected in Russia. Because there could be a power transition there as well. We will see. All these statements about Putin’s so-called death are made for a reason. And they come from Russian sources. And what are these fakes? And why are they happening? And is a power transition possible there as well? I would not be so sure that we have a clear picture of the future for Russia. And I’m not sure that Putin’s power transit is a matter of dialog with the West, of backroom deals with the West by some Russian elites. I’m more inclined to think of it as a matter of power struggle in Russia itself,” Gongadze added.