NATO or EU membership: Ukrainians name priority

October 18,2023 1593
NATO or EU membership: Ukrainians name priority

More than half of Ukrainian citizens consider membership in NATO a higher priority for Ukraine than membership in the European Union. These are the results of a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

“54% of Ukrainians believe that membership in NATO is currently a higher priority. They prefer membership in the EU – 24% (the rest of the respondents either answered “neither this nor the other” or could not answer at all). At the same time, in all Oblasts, there are more people who prefer NATO to the EU,” the results say.

At the same time, the absolute majority of Ukrainians support both joining the European Union and NATO. “According to the results of previous KIIS surveys, 82% of respondents agree that the future of Ukraine as a prosperous free country depends on whether it becomes a member of the EU (February 2023). At the same time, 92% of Ukrainians would like Ukraine to become a member of the EU, and 89% – a member of NATO (May 2023),” experts said.

Guaranteeing long-term security, as well as economic prospects is one of the main reasons for supporting EU accession among Ukrainians. In addition, citizens mentioned the future of Ukrainian democracy, ensuring the rule of law, and international recognition of Ukraine’s place in Europe.

The survey took place from September 29 to October 9. Respondents were chosen by the method of telephone interviews based on random sampling. 1,010 citizens from all Oblasts of Ukraine, except occupied Crimea, participated. Adult Ukrainian men and women aged 18 and over participated in the survey. 

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